Everyone’s needs are different, which is why we pride ourselves on catering to each
individuals specific needs. Helping to maintain as much independence as possible for our

Social interaction

Social interaction is an important part of maintaining any healthy lifestyle; here are a few
of the many activities we can engage in to prevent your loved ones from social isolation:

  • Recreational activities/outings: one-on-one time ensuring all the focus is on you
  • Conversation, whether it be current or past events
  • Assistance with reading
  • Accompany to lunch or dinner
  • Providing mental stimulation through puzzles, crafts, cards and more
  • Computer assistance and interaction
  • Library book assistance


Every step of the way.

From the moment we arrive, we will be with them along every step of the way. From getting
ready to leave the house, all the way to coming back home and settling in from the days outing.
Giving you peace of mind that your loved ones can get all the things they need to get done

  • Transportation: ensuring you arrive safely to and from your medical and non-medical
  • Dental appointments
  • Liase between family and medical staff
  • Airport transportation
  • Errand services
  • Grocery or personal shopping


We care.

  • Medication reminders
  • Prescription pickup
  • Meal prep/cleanup
  • Coordination of appointments
  • Pre and post surgery assistance


Stay in the loop

If you so choose, our team provides family members with a daily, weekly, or monthly activity report at no extra charge.
Now, family that cannot always be around, can always stay informed.

Our Rates

Home Sweet Home Care Okanagan operates on an hourly rate basis, beginning at $40/hr.

To find out more about pricing or if you have specific questions, please contact us for further